'With Love' Succulent Planter

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'With Love' Succulent Planter

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'With Love' Planter is our special edition heart shaped planter for Valentine's Day. this is such a perfect gift for your special one, even for yourself.

Succulents symbolize enduring and timeless love for they are tenacious plants that store water in their thick leaves and stems.

They offer us a positive example by conserving water and flourishing in very difficult circumstances, reminding us that we are stronger than we realize and even the most arduous situations is not the end of the line.

Succulents are incredible design choices because they naturally contain so many shapes you can work with and integrate into the look of your space. Here are a few succulents from our collection.


bouquet of flowers 💐 are beautiful but pulpy this succulent planter is the new kinda bouquet. why? it’s innovative, it’s beneficial for your health and the mother nature, it’s carefree and instead of watching them wilt, you can watch them grow. “let love grow”


**price includes 1 x heart shaped planter and arrangement of succulents

**excludes delivery


you are also welcome to add your personal touch to the pulpy tubular planter by getting involved in the selection process.


Size of pot: Height 5cm / Width or Length 16cm

Height of Plant including Pot: 14cm approximately




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