Indoor Plants

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Indoor Plants

Lacking a green thumb? Short on square-footage?

Dim, dry, or overly humid rooms getting you down?

All of these plants take up minimal space and require less sun (a must when you only have a few windows to work with). Plus, find out how to care for them so you don't kill them the second you bring them home or back to your office space. 

There are a great list of options that can stand up to even the most harsh of conditions.


1. Anthurium

2. Chinese Money Plants

3. Alocasia

4. Staghorn Fern

5. Coffee Plant

6. Snake Plants

7. Weeping Fig

8. Crocodile Fern

9. Cacti

10. Calatheas (Go with indirect sunlight (too direct and the leaf color will fade) and evenly moist soil that's not wet or dry. To show off the colorful leaves, choose a white pot for this plant.)

11. Aloe Plant

12. Dragon Tree Dracena (piky leaves that grow upwards and have a red outline makes the name of this plant absolutely perfect. But direct sunlight could damage them—so give this guy some sun and some shade. The statement-making leaves pair perfectly with a modern pot.)

13. Jade Plants

14. Peace Lilies

15. Fiddle Leaf Figs

16. English Ivy

17. Golden Pothos  / Pothos

18. Spider Plants

19. Asparagus Fern

20. String of Pearls

21. Rubber Plants

22. Split Leaf Philodendrons

23. Air Plants

24. Bromeliad

25. Kalanchoe

26. Begonia  

27. Kentia Palm

28. Philodendron

29. Croton

30. Gardenia

31. ZZ Plant - Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

32. Monstera Deliciosa

33. Red Prayer Plant

34. Ficus Danielle

35. Zebra Plant

36. Bird's Nest Fern

37. Happy Bean Plant

38. Chinese Evergreen

39. Iron Plant

40. Lucky Bamboo

41. African Violets

42. Paddle Plant

43. Philodendron


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