Christmas Bubble

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Christmas Bubble

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Bubble plant Juncus in Small Geometric Marble Planter without saucer

Arrives in Small Geometric Marble Planter without saucer, 1 Christmas Miniature + Christmas Ornaments

Air Purifying Plant:

Bubble plant Juncus is a cute plant with mini leaves resembling bubbles. The leaves are dark green & grow very dense. Suitable for terrariums and small planters, or pot.


How to Grow and Care

Bright indirect light. Water thoroughly when top 25% of potting mix is dry to touch. Gently trim away dry, brown or yellowish leavevs by using a pair of secateurs to encourage growth.


Size of Planter: 
Diameter 8.5cm x Height 7.5cm

Height of Plant including Pot 12cm


Low Light/Bright Light