Cactus - Opuntia Tuna Monstruosa

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Cactus - Opuntia Tuna Monstruosa

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Cactus - Opuntia Tuna Monstruosa

Common Names

Joseph's Coat


Opuntia monacantha f. monstruosa variegata

It is a dwarf, teratological variant of the larger Prickly Pear cactus Opuntia monacantha. As its name suggests, this cactus is variegated or marbled with white, creamy-white, yellow, green and sometimes also with pink in varying patterns. 

How to Grow and Care

Cactus is a very hardy aloe and can be quite resilient. These plants typically grow in well-drained soil. They do best in full sunlight. Careful not to overwater.


Size: Plastic Pot Height & Diameter 5cm