Crassula Ovata Jade Plant

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Crassula Ovata Jade Plant

Crassula ovata (Miller) Druce

Common Names

Jade Plant, Jade Tree, Money Tree, Money Plant, Friendship Tree, Lucky Plant, Dollar Plant, Pink Joy, Japanese Rubber, Chinese Rubber, Dwarf Rubber


Crassula argentea, Crassula portulacea, Crassula obliqua, Crassula articulata, Crassula nitida, Crassula lucens, Cotyledon ovata, Cotyledon lutea, Toelkenia ovata




How to Grow and Care

They prefer full sun but can tolerate partial shade and require well well-drained soil (free-draining gritty mix). Never overwater, water only once a week.


Size: Plastic Pot Height & Diameter 5cm