Hypoestes phyllostachya - Pink in plastic pot (small)

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Hypoestes phyllostachya - Pink in plastic pot (small)

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Hypoestes phyllostachya - Red

Common Name: Polka Dot Plant


Soil: Well Draining Soil

Light: Bright, indirect light. Will lose variegation in low light

Bright, indirect light is ideal for polka dot plant care. This will keep the colors vibrant in the plant, while at the same time prevent the plant from becoming lanky. If you grow the polka dot plant in a low-light location, it will grow leggy quickly and fade in color. A location with light that’s too bright will also fade the foliage colors. 

Water: Regular watering to maintain moist soil in growing season. Water sparingly in winter.


Size of Planter: ⌀ 8 cm x Height 6 cm

Bright Light