Lith9ps in Mini Planter

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Lith9ps in Mini Planter

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Lith9ps in Mini Planter
(9 mini lithops in mini concrete planter)


living stones vs actual stones. 😬 well, lithops are also known as living stones and we’ve planted them in the palm size concrete planter using gritty succulent soil mix which contains stones too. 😬


Common Name:

Lithops, living stones, living stone plant, split rocks, split rock plant, pebble plant, Karas Mountains living stone, Lesliei living stone, Lithops terricolor, Truncate living stone, Salt-dwelling living stone
Scientific Name: Lithops aucampiae, Lithops dorotheae, Lithops fulviceps, Lithops hookeri, Lithops karasmontana, Lithops lesliei, Lithops localis, Lithops optica, Lithops pseudotruncatella, Lithops ruschiorum, Lithops salicola, Lithops verruculosa, Lithops viridis and other species


Size of Mini Concrete Planter: Diameter 6.5cm x Height 4.5cm

How To Grow & Care: 

They prefer Full sun to partial shade and Extremely light to none water at all. They thrive in Gritty or rocky, extremely well draining sandy soils preferred. Never overwater, as they can develop rot if overwatered, exposed to cold conditions, or damaged.

If you water from beneath by letting the plant sit in a saucer of water, make sure to pour off any excess water after a few minutes.

** Protect from heavy rains and standing water to prevent rot.

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