Lucky Bamboo (60cm) in Alora White Marble Vase

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Lucky Bamboo (60cm) in Alora White Marble Vase

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Lucky Bamboo (60cm) in Alora White Marble Vase (5 Stems)

Lucky Bamboo, a plant which grows in water.

Lucky Bamboo isn’t a bamboo at all. The canes, stalks or stems (whatever you prefer to call them) resemble the canes of a bamboo plant.
Lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) is surprisingly not actually bamboo as its scientific name suggests: It’s part of the Dracaena genus.

Lucky Bamboo has been a part of Chinese culture for thousands of years but has really skyrocketed into popularity in the past 15 years and is now commonly found in many parts of the world.

It is said to represent good luck and happiness, making it an ideal and popular gift in business and personal matters. Another factor that makes lucky bamboo so popular is its ability to be trained into shapes like a swirl, heart, braid and other designs.

Lucky bamboo is an easy plant to care for which makes it great for offices and homes alike. It’s happy growing in soil or water but has the longest life when grown in soil.

Because it’s a Dracaena, lucky bamboo care is more in line with Dracaena care as opposed to bamboo. If growing in water, it should be replaced every week. If planted in soil, the soil should be kept slightly damp, so don’t overwater or let it get dry. Lucky bamboo does best in indirect light and in the temperature range of 65–95°F (18–35°C). It loves these somewhat tropical conditions and is considered to be in the hardiness zones of 10–11.

Diameter : 10.5cm, Height : 13cm  

Total Height including Planter: 67cm

Comes With 5 stems of Lucky Bamboo, 1 x Alora White Marble Vase without drainage hole, 3 x Red Lanterns and 1 x CNY Ornament

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