Queen Vic Agave Hexy

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Queen Vic Agave Hexy

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Agave victoriae-reginae T. Moore


Common Name:

Queen Victoria Agave, Queen Victoria Century Plant, Royal Agave


Agave ferdinand-regis, Agave consideranti, Agave nickelsii


Size of Hexagon Concrete Planter: Height 9cm x Diameter 9cm

How To Grow & Care:

They prefer Bright Direct to Indirect Sunlight or Partial Shade. Can be placed at a sunny window or outdoor where they can luxuriate in full sunlight. This is a very low maintenance plant. Queen Victoria Agave generally does not produce pups or offsets. It will survive in full sun, but will look best if protected from hot afternoon sun. After many years in the garden, it will produce a spectacular flower. After flowering the plant will die and need to be replaced.

Moisture: Water approximately once a week. Wait until the surface of the soil is dry, before watering.

Soil: Use Standard Succulent Potting Mix.

** Protect from heavy rains and standing water to prevent rot.

Bright Light