Schefflera macrostachya in Black Marble Planter (L)

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Schefflera macrostachya in Black Marble Planter (L)

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Schefflera macrostachya in Black Marble Planter (L) with Gold saucer

Common Names

Schefflera arboricola





How to Grow and Care

Compared to other Scheffleras, the Schefflera arboricola or small-leaved Schefflera is a more graceful species with slightly smaller but conspicuously variegates leaves. Due to its growth, it finds sufficient space even in small rooms. The following care instructions are supposed to explain how to care for this plant properly and which mistakes should be avoided when keeping it.

The best place for Schefflera is a light to semi-shaded and draft-free place. Exposure to direct sun should be avoided. During summer suitable shading can be useful, since otherwise the risk of burns exits. On the other hand, some sun in the morning and evening hours are favourably for this plant.

This plant does not like it too dry or too wet. This applies both the watering and the humidity. The soil should never dry out. avoid waterlogging. pour until the first drops run out of the drainage hole. remove the water in the coaster after a couple of minutes.


Suitable for Indoors.

Height of Plant including Planter: approx 60cm

Size of Planter: Diameter 17cm x Height including saucer 17cm     

Low Light/Bright Light