Senecio rowleyanus 'String of Pearls'

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Senecio rowleyanus 'String of Pearls'

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Curio rowleyanus  (String of Pearls) / Curio rowleyanus (H. Jacobsen) P.V. Heath

Common Names

String of Pearls, String of Beads, String of Peas


Curio rowleyanus f., Senecio rowleyanus



How to Grow and Care

They require bright sunlight. It is drought tolerant, surviving long periods without water. They thrive in gritty, well-draining soils and pots with drainage holes. Never over water, On average, plants need to be watered once per week.

** Protect from heavy rains and standing water to prevent rot.


Size: Plastic Pot Height 8cm x Diameter 10cm

Bright Light