Smart Sow Wheat Grass Set For Kids (Paint Set)

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Smart Sow Wheat Grass Set For Kids (Paint Set)

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Smart Sow Wheat Grass/ Cat Grass Set For Kids


Get your hands dirty with your little one! This set is perfect for introducing indoor gardening and giving your child some extra activities to do during their time off.

  • Set contains a BOX with a packet of 1 kg Shamrock organic soil, smart sow wheat grass/ cat grass, paint brush and paint colors safe for kids, concrete pot with drainage hole, mesh screen for drainage hole, steel trowel, spade and a gardening fork with wooden handle.
  • Each tool measures approx. 14cm to 17cm in length.
  • Pot measurements: height 9cm / diameter 10cm


1. First, you can start painting the pot and let the pot to dry at least 24hours before use. 
2. Soak seeds in glass jar filled with water for 8-12 hours. Wrap thin cloth with rubber band at jar opening.
3. Rinse & drain water 2-3 times a day until wheat grass seeds starts to germinate.



4. Pour the nursery soil into pot until 1st marker. Slowly water the soil in the pot to make it fully moist. (100ml to 150ml approximately)
5. Spread the water-absorbing seeds onto the surface of the moist nursery soil in the pot, cover the the seeds with some small amount of nursery soil just to cover the top of the seeds thinly and gently spray some water or water with a watering can to keep it moist.
6. Keep soil moist but not soggy. Check seeds twice a day for watering & germination. Good Ventilation helps maintain balance between healthy humidity and avoid fungal issues.


7. Fresh young wheatgrass are ready to be harvested around 6” or 15 cm tall
8. Use scissors and cut wheatgrass 2cm from the soil to avoid contamination.
9. Take wheatgrass shot on empty stomach for balance diet. Prevent from food consumption 30 mins before and after wheatgrass juice.