Kalanchoe rotundifolia (Common Kalanchoe) 1

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Kalanchoe rotundifolia (Common Kalanchoe) 1

Kalanchoe rotundifolia (Haw.) Haw. 3 colors

Common Names

Common Kalanchoe


Crassula rotundifolia, Kalanchoe luebbertiana, Verea rotundifolia, Vereia rotundifolia



How to Grow and Care

They prefer bright, sunny locations and require well-drained soil (free-draining gritty mix). Never overwater, Let the soil surface dry out between waterings.

Never to let water sit in the rosette as it can cause rot or fungal diseases that will kill the plant. Additionally, remove dead leaves from the bottom of the plant as it grows.


Size: Plastic Pot Height & Diameter 5cm