ZZ Plant aka jin qian shu (金钱树) in Silver Round Glossy

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ZZ Plant aka jin qian shu (金钱树) in Silver Round Glossy

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Zamioculcas Zamiifolia aka jin qian shu (金钱树) in Silver Round Glossy Planter with attached saucer

Common Names

ZZ Plant (say Zee Zee Plant) , Eternity Plant, Zanzibar Gem or Emerald Palm


Zamioculcas Zamiifolia 'Raven'



How to Grow and Care


Situate your ZZ in low to bright indirect light, and water when fully dry. Typically you can even forget a watering…or three…and it will still thrive. ZZ is also very resistant to diseases and insects. If your plant’s branches intrude into your space and get in the way, simply prune them away.

The ZZ plant luckily doesn’t need any special type of potting soil: any well-drained potting soil will do.

Keep it away from nibbling pets and overly curious children, and always wash your hands after handling it to avoid skin irritation.

Suitable for Indoors.

ZZ plant tolerates neglect, is drought tolerant, and accepts low-light conditions without throwing a fit.

ZZ plant also is an air purifier and in a NASA study, researchers found it is specifically adept at removing copious amounts of toxins such as xylene, toluene, and benzene from the air.


Size of Planter: Diameter 9.8cm x Height 10cm   

Height of Plant including Planter: 45cm approximately

Low Light/Bright Light