Tubular Teak Wood (M) Planter

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Tubular Teak Wood (M) Planter

RM153.00 MYR

Tubular Teak Wood (M) Planter


All wooden planters are carefully made from real teak wood.

Teak wood properties include resistance to termites, weevil and fungi, not heavy, very durable and stable.

Each one comes with a drainage hole and a fit black plastic pot. The plastic pot also has a drainage hole.


Size of Planter: MEDIUm ⌀ 8cm x Height 8.5 cm (natural wood color)


Remark: Due to the nature of teak wood, each planter has its own unique marks and wood pattern.

Please note that the planter you receive will not look exactly like the one in the photo. It will be the same size, but its colour and wood marks will be slightly different.


**Price includes one Tubular Teak Wood planter and 1 Plastic Pot

Choice of with Plant or without plant.

Low Light/Bright Light