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Teak-wood Collection

Teak-wood Collection

If you're looking for beautiful and unique teak wood planters, creative gift ideas and nice handmade stuff, I'm pleased to welcome you to the All About Teak Collection.

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These wooden planters are made from solid teak wood hence, the beautiful natural grain of teak still shows through.

Our wooden planters are made by "Teak" which contains a chemical called O-cresyl methyl ether that repels insects like termites and moths, as well as fungus and makes it especially moisture-resistant. It is this property that makes teak the ideal material for plant and flower pots, which are constantly exposed to moisture from soil and water.

Succulents are planted in a black plastic pot which is placed within the wooden planter.



- Due to the nature of teak wood, each planter has its own unique marks and wood pattern.  

Please note that the planter you receive will not look exactly like the one in the photo. It will be the same size, but its colour and wood marks will be slightly different.

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