Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana Plant in Nursery Grow Pot (Random Colors)

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Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana Plant in Nursery Grow Pot (Random Colors)

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Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana Plant in Nursery Grow Pot (Random Colors)

Common Names

Window's-Thrill, Florist Kalanchoe or Flaming Katy





How to Grow and Care


Light: These flowering Kalanchoes like bright, natural light. A medium or high light situation is best as long as they’re not getting too much direct sun. Be sure to keep them out of any hot windows because they’ll burn. The more light you give your Kalanchoe, the better it’ll look. In lower light conditions the flower buds tend to not open and the foliage gets spindly. If you have low light and you want a Kalanchoe, buy it in as full bloom as you can.

Water: These plants are succulents with fleshy leaves and stems (which they store water in) and you don’t want to keep them constantly wet. They need good drainage.

Water yours well, let it all drain out and then water again when dry. That might mean you water yours every once a week. The frequency will vary depending on your temps, light situation, and the size pot your Kalanchoes are in.

Humidity: As with any flowering plant, the hotter your home is the faster the flowers will open up, and the shorter the period of bloom will be.

Feed: Does not require a lot of extra feeding. If you have a balanced organic houseplant fertilizer, you can apply that in spring and summer if you think your plant needs it.

Care tips: Remove excess dust with a damp cloth, however take care to avoid tender new fronds. Do not use leaf shine as the fronds are sensitive to chemicals.

Height and Growth Rate: usually grow to 12″ tall

Origin: The plant originates from tropical Africa, Asia and Madagascar..

Suitable for Bright Indoors or outdoor with shades.


Size of Planter: Diameter 9cm x Height 10cm                                             

Size of Plant including Planter: 26.5cm approximately

Bright Light