Calla Lily in Nursery Grow Pot

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Calla Lily in Nursery Grow Pot

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Calla Lily in Nursery Grow Pot

Common Names

Calla Lily





How to Grow and Care


Calla Lily can't be left in direct sunlight. It prefers bright, indirect light, light partial shade, and can tolerate fluorescent lights. Yellowing leaves indicate that the light is too strong, and brown leaves or streaks indicate scorching from direct sunlight.

In general, water at least once a week and keep the soil moist.

The plant should also be fed regularly with  fertilizer throughout the growing season.

Suitable for Indoors.

Keep away from dogs and Cats.


Size of Pot: Height 11.5cm x Diameter 14.5cm

Height of Plant: Height 40cm

Low Light/Bright Light