Peperomia Tetragona in Nursery Grow Pot (Small)

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Peperomia Tetragona in Nursery Grow Pot (Small)

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Peperomia Tetragona in Plastic Pot (Small)

Common Names




Peperomia ' is an easy to care for indoor plant with semi-succulent round leaves that emerge on pinkish orange stems. The foliage is subtly striped with light green.


How to Grow and Care

Peperomia is easy to care for, thriving in medium to bright indirect light or bright spot which can include direct sunlight. As the plant is semi-succulent, be sure to allow it to dry out moderately between waterings.

These guys prefer to be kept on the dry side. Make sure that it is potted in well drained compost such as cactus compost to prevent soggy roots. It is best placed in a warm.

Suitable for Sheltered Outdoors or Windowsills.


Size of Planter: Diameter 8cm x Height 8cm

Height of Plant including Pot: 35cm approximately

Bright Light