Shamrock Botanics Natural Pesticide

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Shamrock Botanics Natural Pesticide

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Shamrock Botanics Natural Pesticide (Now Available in 3 Sizes)

Shamrock Botanics Natural Pest Spray is made from 100% Plant-Based Ingredients such as Neem Oil, Wood Vinegar, plant herbal extracts and essential oils. The pest spray is formulated to irritate, repel and ward off unwanted pests and bugs such as garden pests, worms, insects and even some animals everywhere from your indoor and outdoor living space to the garden.

Neem Oil is a complex plant-derived oil that interrupts insects’ hormones, affecting their maturation and appetite, gradually killing them.

Wood Vinegar contains anti-fungal properties which will help keep bad bacteria at bay from your plants and soil.



Easy Application
1. Shake Well before use.
2. Spray over plants and surfaces thoroughly.
3. Reapply when necessary, bi-weekly as guide or where excessive weathering or cleaning may occur.


Day 1: White spots observed.
Day 2: White spots lessens, left black eggs
Day 3: Black eggs became much smaller