Shamrock Organic Fertilizer

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Shamrock Organic Fertilizer

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Shamrock Organic Fertilizer (1kg)

All Purpose (Kids Safe, Pets Safe, Eco Safe)


Fully Organic Fertilizer
There is no chemical additives in our fertilizers.

Eco/Environmentally Friendly Product
Made from palm oil wastes, including empty fruit bunches (EFB), decanter cake, palm oil mill effluent (POME) etc which we recycle these waste produced by the palm oil industry, reducing both its environmental impact and also help solve government municipal problems.

Soil Conditioner/Enhancer
Help repair damaged soil from long exposure to chemical fertilizers and help maintain the soil quality for plant life.

Rich in Trace Element Nutrients
Otherwise known as micronutrients, they are absolutely essential for successful and healthy plant growth. Most chemical fertilizers, does not contain these nutrients thus causing stunted, irregular growth in plants.


Water Holding Capacity
Organic matter in our fertilizer has the ability to absorb and gold up to 90 % of its weight in water. The advantage is that our fertilizer will release most of the water which will be absorbed by the plants. These organic matters in our fertilizer means that it will require lesser watering frequency compared to traditional soil.

Promotes Root Growth
Organic matter in the fertilizer softens the soil enabling easier root penetration and faster root growth

Erosion Prevention
Increasing soil organic matter from 1 to 3 % can reduce soil erosion by 20 to 33 % because of increased water
infiltration and stable soil aggregate formation caused by the organic matter.

No chance of over-fertilization that causes chemical burns to roots/plant in general.

Easy Application





With NPK of 3:3:3, Shamrock Botanics All Purpose Organic Fertilizer is a complete and balanced food for your plants. Here is a general guide on how much to use.

Suitable for Edible Greens, Flowers, Fruits, Cactus, Succulents, Aquatic Plants and for propagation too.

Frequency: Once every 2 weeks
Application: Apply on top of soil and water thereafter