Shamrock Organic Potting Mix

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Shamrock Organic Potting Mix

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Shamrock Organic Fertilizer (1KG)

Mean Nutrient Content for our Potting Mix is similar
to that of our Organic Fertilizer.


Brief Description/ Raw Ingredients
100% plant-based and natural, Shamrock Botanics Potting Mix is a combination of high quality Coconut Coir, Perlite, Shamrock Organic Fertilizer and Shamrock Organic Bio-Char in tried and tested ratio.

Ready-To-use for all container system plants, our Organic Potting Mix is a nutrient-balanced, bacteria resilient medium, formulated to ensure proper drainage, adequate moisture retention and air-space to promote healthy plant and root growth.

Why Choose Shamrock Organic Potting Mix?
As compared to other Potting Mix, our product is Bacteria-Free. Potting Mix is any soil-less media which is specifically developed to produce similar or better gardening results as compared to that when using soil. vs Potting Soil is any soil based growth medium that contains dirt (referring to sand, slit, clay) either partially or completely - which has none of the minerals or nutrients to support life.

As soil, excluding dirt, is a living organism filled with worms, fungi, bacteria or insects, your planting medium might contain unwanted harmful organism. Shamrock has opted to bring you a cleaner, safer and more efficient alternative for all your container system planting needs. Note that we also do not include any ingredients that are prone to decay overtime such as coco chunks, tree barks, sphagnum moss etc. to prevent attracting bad bacteria.


  •  Odorless and Non-Hazardous
  •  100% Natural, Plant-Based and Organic
  •  Kids Safe, Pets Safe and Eco Safe. (There are no other chemical additives in our Potting Mix.
  • Nutrient-Balanced and Rich in Trace Element Nutrients. (Our Organic Potting Mix is a pre-mixed planting medium of Coconut Coir, Shamrock All Purpose Organic Fertilizer, Shamrock Bio- Charcoal and also perlite, in tried and tested ratio, which contains adequate nutrients and micronutrients, essential for your healthy plant growth.)
  • Allows adequate porosity and aeration for healthy roots growth. (The mixture is a porous medium to allow sufficient drainage and aeration in between roots which would help with avoiding root rot.)

Good For: Any container system Indoor & Outdoor Plants, Greens, Herbs & Vege, Fruits, Flowers.