The Pulpy Love Planter

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The Pulpy Love Planter

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The Pulpy Love Planter (Concrete Smooth Finishing which will show water marks after watering)
succulents are popular choices for décor, from boutonnieres to favors and centerpieces - and its a clear reason why! unlike flowers, succulents are no fuss and can last much longer. with so many varieties, shapes and shades, succulents add something fresh and unexpected to your décor. they make great centerpiece for your dining table, tv console, anything you can think of. 😍❤️🌸😊 remember, “they thrive on neglect.” leave them outside where they get lots of sunlight but sheltered from rain and feed them water only once a week and watch them grow.


size of planter: Height 7.5cm x Diameter 20cm


Care Guide

1. Make sure that they get enough sunlight. Min 6 to 8 hours daily.
2. They prefer Bright Direct to Bright Filtered Sunlight. You can place them outdoor but sheltered from the rain or indoor at your brightest windowsill.
3. If outdoor, water once week. If indoor, water when soil is dry.
4. They thrives on neglect 😉


**price includes 1 x concrete pot, succulent arrangements



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