Small China Mandarin Tree in Ceramic Planter

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Small China Mandarin Tree in Ceramic Planter

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Small China Mandarin Tree in Ceramic Planter without saucer

Common Names

Lime Tree, Mandarin or Kumquat





How to Grow and Care

The tree's reddish buds develop into mildly fragrant white and purple flowers in solitary or small clusters of two or more blooms. Be aware there are often sharp thorns on the twigs of the tree.

Choose a well-draining spot in full sun/ Partial Shaded for a lime tree. There should be no standing water on the site because lemon trees do not like soggy conditions. The site should be sheltered from wind and other natural elements

Getting the watering requirements right with your lemon tree is crucial for a successful harvest. The trees prefer low to moderate rainfall. During the period of establishment, more frequent watering will be required—even as much as once or twice a week. Once mature, lemon trees develop more drought tolerance.


- Thrive in bright indirect sunlight to full sun spot.
- Prefers well-drained soil.
Let the top 25% of the soil dry between watering.
- Fertilize lightly during the growing season



Size of planter: H16.5cm x D17cm

height including planter: 49cm approximately





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